About Us

Corporate Profile

Auto Distributors was founded by transportation pioneer Steven Schneider in 2000. Auto Distributors is an advanced technology automobile distribution company – an emerging, full-service alternative fuel vehicle distributor specializing in the full spectrum of automobiles, including rental cars, electric vehicles (EVs) and full-performance alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) including automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, hovercraft, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV), commercial vehicles and accessories. Auto Distributors offers all the services related to vehicle/parts sales and vehicle distribution (including shipping and customs).

Auto Distributors is a global wholesaler and distributor of affordable gasoline and electric vehicles headquartered in California; Auto Distributors forges strategic alliances with its partners, members and clients to lead the aftermarket to new heights in terms of quality and success.

Auto Distributors has become the leader in its field through listening to the market and employing a customer centric approach with a passion for continuous improvement and business excellence.

Auto Distributors takes its impact on the environment seriously and its mission is to revolutionize car distribution globally by reducing distribution costs in the industry while maintaining high margins and increased revenue for our customers and suppliers worldwide. In turn, our aim is to become the largest distributor of fuel efficient and alternative automobile globally.

Vision, Mission & Values

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a clean, quiet alternative to conventional automobiles, which are powered by petroleum derivatives that, when burned, emit noxious gases into the environment.

Electric Vehicles not only keep our Earth cleaner, their use preserves the earth’s natural resources. EVs are a smart and efficient choice for personal transportation.

Because of this, Auto Distributors vision statement is to become a leader synonymous with trust and care throughout the region and beyond, and become part of community lifestyles.

Our short-term goal is to unite all of the best of the smaller alternative fuel manufacturers under one roof- a united we stand, divided we fall concept.  This basic idea combined with strategic marketing is what we feel will get alternative fuel vehicles to the public for proper use and evaluation.

Our long-term goal is to assist and get assistance from one or more of the major auto manufacturers in order to preserve the long-term goals of the industry.  It is obvious that the public is aware of and concern about environmental degradation being caused by fossil fuels throughout the world.  It is also apparent that current discoveries and development of new fossil fuel supplies are waning- partly due to government philosophy and partly due to geologic reality.  We believe that these two factors create a business opportunity for zero emission vehicles.  As a business, we believe in recognizing the consumer perception that zero emission vehicles, in the long run, will ultimately lead to improving the likelihood of stopping the manufacturing of fossil fueled vehicles and continuing restrictions on fossil fuel discover and development is an unworkable econometric solution to the problem.

Mission Statement

The goals for our company are simple. We want to help others convert their belief and driving habits so that they will use plug in and renewable electricity instead of polluting and expensive gasoline and diesel. We would also like to train others in this growing business.

Auto Distributors is committed to exceed customers’ expectations by striving for continual improvement and delivering excellence in products and services supported by the best management practices and a team of professionals fulfilling the stakeholders’ aspirations and goals.

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Commitments
  • Compassionate
  • Customer Driven
  • Environmental Protection

Auto Distributors believes that the way a company functions is by respecting the rights of the employees and customers is also directly related to the success it has in meeting its mission statement. We practice complete honesty and integrity in everything we do for the betterment of our client’s wants and needs. We are committed with care, and then live up to them. In other words, we value our commitments between us and our clients. In all our dealings, the Golden Rule is to strive to be friendly and courteous, as well as fair and sympathetic. Auto Distributors is customer-driven all the way. As a responsible global citizen, Auto Distributors recognizes the importance of environmental protection as a key business concern. The health of the natural environment and our role in making meaningful changes that reduce our carbon footprint are issues we take very seriously.

Business Values

Auto Distributors strive and seeks to establish a corporate culture in which our business values are considered especially worthwhile and important.

  • Generosity
  • Fairness
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Community Involvement
  • Innovation
  • Employees Welfare


Auto Distributors symbolizes what can be achieved when the private sector and national leadership share a single vision and work in partnership to realize their joint aims.

Based on the vision of founder and chairman, Steven Schneider, and the leadership of the management team, continues to play a major role in the emergence of the EV and AFV Industry.

The team has grown remarkably through a combination of aggressive marketing all throughout the America’s and Asia. Our portfolio is as handsome as it is diversified.

The concept of ‘partnership’ is the core focus of Steven Schneider philosophy – partnership between government and business, between distributor and principal, between the company and the customer, and between the management and staff.  It is a concept, which he is quick to acknowledge that he learnt from 20 years in the auto industry.

The vision, the values and the principals

‘Partnership’, however, means practicing a number of principles and responsibilities:

  • Creating long term relationships
  • Giving value and quality service
  • Achieving mutual benefits
  • Giving and receiving trust and loyalty
  • Delegating authority, not simply delegating responsibility

The rapid expansion of Auto Distributors, however, has been achieved not only through adherence to these values and principles, but also through Steve Schneider’s shrewd recognition of opportunities and his willingness to persist with a business or agency that he believes in.

Confident of the business environment created by the leaders of electric auto industry, Steve Schneider is always prepared to take cautious risks and his judgment has consistently proven correct.

Social Responsibility

Auto Distributors is fully devoted to ensure the best interests of our clients, employees, shareholders and society at large by practical implementations of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles.

Our approach to CSR is driven by the values that determine the way in which we do business. We are a driven business for people, clients and community and the role of work in their lives; sharing our understanding and expertise to create a sustainable workforce practices, and striving for excellence through inclusive working environments. We believe in developmental advances and our business decisions are also based on various social consequences. As a direct result, many of our philosophies are engaged in events that boost and bolster the betterment of society, community and lastly, the environment.

Steve Schneider continues to be a source of aid and support to various social, humanitarian, charitable and environmental activities in the Bay Area. In 2010 he was named the newest member to the Bay Area Council with a focus on building the economic relationships with China. He has a unique background in cross border business and is currently the President of Tianyi Group of China (USA Investment Division) to invest substantially in the bay area and USA.

Principal commitments

Auto Distributors is striving to provide mainstream America with access to best in alternative energy transportation.  Specifically, Auto Distributors is actively involved in the manufacturing, legislative, financial, education and awareness arenas to help consumers to make wise alternative energy purchases, to ensure competitive pricing, to improve product selection and availability, and to offer consumers advantageous financing solutions to make owning alternative energy products easier.  Auto Distributors’ approach to the automotive industry is also helping to make a difference in the environment and providing creative solutions to help our nation tackle its dynamic energy issues. The first in a series of Auto Distributor dealerships launched throughout the United States in 2002.

Since 2000, Auto Distributors has dedicated its commitment to bringing alternative fuel vehicles to mainstream America.  Steve Schneider and its team conducted extensive independent research through site visits to the nation’s premier AFV manufacturers and universities, has successfully recruited lending institutions to support advantageous financing for consumers, and has raised millions in investment capital to pursue the market.