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Detroit Electric SP:01

It’s hard to imagine that back in the early 1900s; electric cars were the most prolific vehicle.

And guess who helped sparked the movement?

Who else but the founding father of all electric vehicles, William C Anderson made his first Detroit Electric in 1907. By 1910, Detroit Electric was leading the way, selling up to 2,000 cars a year. Petrol cars were unreliable and dirty but Detroit Electrics could be charged at home and used in an instant – making them extremely popular even Henry Ford’s wife drove one.

As the years passed and petrol engines became cheaper and stronger, sales of electric vehicles dropped. Finally, after producing a total of 13,000 cars – a world record for electric vehicles in the 20th century – the last Detroit Electric was shipped in 1939.

They are back, over 70 years on. Back in Detroit and back to reignite positive movement in the motor industry. Just as they did in 1907 proving that they are not behind the times.

The Detroit Electric story was recharged, rebooted and re-launched in 2008 by Albert Lam – the former CEO of the Lotus Engineering Group.

Today, Detroit Electric produces high-performing, premium quality, pure electric vehicles. Their aim: to change perceptions of electric energy, change everyday driving and change the motoring world for the better.

Not only this, with their headquarters back in Detroit, they believe with innovation, entrepreneurship and positive energy can revive the city that became the birthplace of Detroit’s Electric legacy.


In 1910, Detroit Electric was at the forefront of the electric motor industry. For the past 5 years, they have committed themselves to reclaiming that position.

With their unswerving determination and groundbreaking innovations – such as our bi-directional technology which will revolutionize the way people use energy.

Detroit Electric’s future is set to be electrifying.


Detroit Electric

Detroit Electric is an iconic brand in the electric vehicle sector, an original innovator and pioneer that began life in 1906. Five years after the brand’s resurrection by CEO Albert Lam, the current is flowing in Detroit Electric’s circuits once again.

The company’s first commercial offering, the SP:01, delivers on Detroit Electric’s mantra of ‘Pure Electric Excitement’, offering superior performance, driving dynamics and class-leading handling. The limited-edition SP:01 will herald a new family of all-electric production cars, including two other high-performance models that will enter production by the end of 2014.

Pricing and equipment

The price of SP:01 starts at $135,000 USD, and will vary according to specification and local taxes.

The SP:01 comes with a range of optional extras for those who want to tailor the finish and performance of their vehicle.

Optional equipment:

  • Lacquered carbon-fiber hard top
  • Blue, red or tan leather for seats, dashboard and doors
  • Black leather seatbelt guides
  • Gearbox: Fifth gear activation, Twinspeed automatic gearbox

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