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Aptera is a subcompact class 2-door three wheeled car with layout of front-engine and front-wheel drive. The Aptera’s atypical shape is a result of extensive optimization in a virtual wind tunnel, following the designs of Alberto Morelli. It used recessed windshield wipers and low rolling resistance tires.

Known for its….


Aerodynamics is the study of how objects move through air. This is best illustrated by one word…Aptera.

Lots of car companies talk about low drag vehicle designs and aerodynamic shapes. Aptera, though, is the only manufacturer to truly embrace aerodynamics as an anchor of its design philosophy.

At highway speeds the average car can use as much as 50% of its energy just pushing air out of the way. This concept is known among engineers as drag. Aptera is designing its vehicles to minimize aerodynamic losses so your energy is spent moving your car down the road…instead of stopping at gas stations.


Aptera uses patent pending LITE structural composites technology to redefine what you expect from a car and a car company.

 Introducing the LITE structural composite system

  • Light weight
  • Impact resistant
  • Total cost reducing
  • Efficient


New technologies are worthless if they don’t protect what’s most important. That’s why safety is the most important part of the Efficient Vehicle Design Formula.


The journey to sustainable personal transportation starts with our Efficient Vehicle Design Formula, continues to our Sustainable Content Initiative and ends…well, it doesn’t end until we make a vehicle with zero environmental impact.

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Latest News..

APTERA, now a newly formed company, backed by a Chinese investor, has purchased most of the assets of Aptera Motor.

In a deal facilitated by Santa Rosa, Calif., real estate developer Rick Deringer, Chinese auto and motorcycle company Jonway Group and several American minority investors have formed Aptera USA, a California-registered entity with plans for a pan-Pacific assembly line for the 2e.

The composite body of the 2e will be manufactured at a Jonway facility in China, and then shipped to a Santa Rosa assembly plant where American-sourced Remy electric motors and batteries from A123 systems will be installed.

Technically a motorcycle, the three-wheel 2e seats two with a large luggage area in its tapered tail and has an estimated range of more than 100 miles per charge.



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