Youngman Headquarters

China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd. has set up three subgroups under its leadership: commercial vehicle group, passenger car group and automobile components group. The company is a comprehensive automobile industrial group that produces and sells NEOPLAN passenger coaches, MAN brand heavy type trucks, Lotus cars and automobile spare parts.

China Youngman Automobile Group Co.,Ltd. cooperated with world’s leading German NEOPLAN on passenger car products. The products cover all fields, including long journey tourist passenger cars, public buses and special passenger cars, long journey tourist passenger coach. Since 2001, the company had been keeping leadership in top grade passenger coach industry and obtained great success in the competition of international brand passenger cars, and the domestic market occupation rate exceeds 80%. The public passenger vehicles of the company take the monopoly position in the low-floor public vehicle market in China; the company won a bid of over 1000 public vehicles in the purchase bidding of public vehicle for Beijing Olympic Games. Meanwhile, the passenger cars are exported to many countries and regions, such as: U.S.A., Europe, Russia, South Korea, Singapore and Middle East.

Youngman Lotus

L3 Sedan (1.6L)

L3 Hatchback (1.6L)

L5 Sedan (1.6/1.8L)

L5 Sportback (1.6/1.8L)



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