Zappino Electric Scooter

Zappino Electric Scooter

With more and more vehicles on the road, due to an increasing population, transportation is known to be one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming. The Zapino Scooter is economical and non-pollutant. It also has more power than is usually associated with a scooter and can reach speeds of about 30 mph, which means that you can keep up with traffic without polluting.

The Zapino Scooter has room to carry additional batteries and because there is no need for belts or chains, you get a smoother ride with less noise and vibration. You can do your part to help the environment while looking cool and having fun.

Electric scooters don't produce pollution from the tailpipe or through fuel evaporation, which means they have great potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and smog-forming pollutants. Depending on the source of electricity used to recharge the batteries, the vehicles can also have low overall (life-cycle) GHG emissions.

Electric scooters are electrically safe. Their fire safety is very high.

Commercial vehicles are built to normal vehicle safety standards of crash worthiness.

Most electric scooters can be recharged from a standard 240-volt, 40-amp electrical outlet (which is used for stoves and clothes dryers in most homes), and some can be recharged from a 110-volt service

Did I mention they're good for the environment?

Driving one will make you feel good about yourself!

Some Specifics on the Zapino Scooter

3000W Super efficient brushless hub motor

Max Speed:
about 30 mph

up to 30 miles each charge*

Weight Limit:
280 lbs.

60V 38AH Batteries

Climbing ability:
25% grade with 177lb rider*

This is the most powerful electric scooter in its class

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